Sew Forth Now (podcasts)
Another great podcast hosted by

All about the history of pattern companies, news from web and whta I am sewing.

Complete shownotes at

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Cathing up on what I have been sewing and news from the web.  Catch all links and shownotes at

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A follow-up interview with Sarah Veblen - answerering your fitting questions sent in my email or left on comment section.


also, some sites from the internet.  Check out the blog for complete shownotes

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Please note there is an issue with the recording, "noise" during Sarah's conversation.  I apologize to you for the quality and know I am trying to resolve this issue in the future.


Interview with Sarah Veblen on her new book. The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting. 

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Information about seam finishes, what I am sewing and an interview with Amanda from Amanda's Adventures in Sewing  The interview is all about Amanda's finish techniques.  She makes beautiful garments inside and out.  For complete shownotes go to Episode 74

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An interview with Claire Kennedy all about her custom sewing business, Claire Kennedy Designs


Complete shownotes and links at

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This podcast is about pressing and irons for your sewing.  What I am sewing and one website.

complete shownotes at

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Maybe you have been away from garment sewing for awhile and are wanting to return to sewing garments, this episode has some great ideas for you.

sewing information including National Sewing Month, Hot Patterns,'s Fall Trend Report, Singer Sewing Company's 160th anniversary, Ruffle Fabric site, skirt tutorial, purse pattern.

What I am sewing - lots of jackets

Then a great interview from Lynne of Wonderfully Made blog, how she returned to sewing and more



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news on the web, what I am sewing and interview with Jeremy of Hot Patterns. Complete shownotes at


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What is new from the internet

What I am sewing

Interview with Kay Whitt, Serendipity Studio, pattern maker and author

Complete shownotes at

email me at

Thanks for listening and enjoy

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What's new on the web, what I am sewing and an interview with Sharon from Sharon Sews.  Sharon shares tips on getting articles published in sewing magazines.  check out the blog for all the links.

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This episode has an interview with Robin from A Little Sewing blog.  Robin has attended Susan Khalje's sewing schools and she shares her experience with us.  Also, news from the web and what I am sewing.

complete show notes at Episode 67 email me at

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This episode is a look back at the 4 years of the Sew Forth Now Podcast.  I talk about interviews, sewing, topics and little mishaps along the way.  Also, what I am sewing and listen to the  end to hear abou the prizes for the anniversary.


Complete shownotes at

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Interview with the winner of Simplicity's Inspired by Project runway winner, Meredith Kramer

Also, sewing news from the internet and what I am sewing.

For complete shownotes go to

email me

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News from the web - facing tutorial, matching plaids, Sandra Betzina's new book.

What I am sewing

Interview with Meg McDonald from Shopping the Garment District - we chat about the garment district in NYC and what stores you find there.

Complete links and shownotes at under Episode 64


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Sewing resolutions/goals, news for the internet and what I am sewing

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Episode 62 - Sewing as a Business

News from the web - tutorials,  fabric information, what I have been sewing and interview with Ann Brodsky, owner of Sew Baby.  For complete shownotes and links please go to

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An interview with Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.  We discussed sewing, alterations and online fabric shopping.  Carolyn gives us tips and hints to help with our online fabric shopping.

Also, what I have been sewing.

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Today we are chatting with Barbara from Sewing on the Edge about The Never Too Many White Shirts Project.

Complete show notes at

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How to decide what to sew.  Prioritize with 1. Seasons 2. Inspiration 3. Fabric 4. Patterns 5. Needs.  How do you decide/ prioritize? 

Links- pressing videos, notched collar how-to, jacket contest, staying a curve

What I am sewing

Link to the blogpost

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Go to for complete shownotes

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for complete show notes

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For complete shownotes visit

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for complete shownotes

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Complete shownotes

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for complete shownotes

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Web information and summer sewing

Complete Show notes at:

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Interview with Sarah Veblen

shownotes at

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See link for complete shownotes.

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for complete shownotes

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Shownotes at

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For complete shownotes:


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Please check


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Saf-T-Pocket interview, news from the web, what I am sewing

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New items, pattern review, information on bamboo and soy fabrics and interview with Nancy Shriber on Sashiko

complete show notes here:

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Sewing for others, sewing as a business

Interview with Mimi Goodwin

complete shownotes:

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Sewing on a budget, making your sewing dollar go a bit farther.  Complete shownotes:

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September is National Sewing Month

Interview with Peggy Sagers

Full shownotes:

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Interview with Connie Crawford

complete shownotes:

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All about wedding sewing

complete shownotes:

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This podcast is all about encouraging younger sewers.


Complete show notes at

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A recap of my trip to the ASG National Convention

complete shownotes at

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Discussion on patterns, new patterns for fall, what I am sewing and an interview with Trudy from Hot Patterns.


Complete show notes at

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Ergonomics in the sewing room

complete shownotes at


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Episode 29 - Chatting with Marcy Tilton

Interview with Marcy Tilton

Complete shownotes at:

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Dress forms, information and history

Complete show notes:

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Finding time to sew - hints and tips

Two websites to check out and what I am sewing.

No interview this week

Complete shownotes at

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Interview with Cheryl Weiderspahn of


Sewing machine needle information

An anniversary contest - the Sew Forth Now podcast is 1 year old

see blog for complete shownotes:

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Couture history, couture sewing and an interview with Susan Khalje on couture sewing details.


Complete shownotes at

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Bra construction and fitting interview by Ann St. Clair Needle Nook Fabric


Elastic waist tutorial

What I am sewing

Complete show notes at

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Interview with Mary Ray, contributing editor of Threads magazine.

What I am sewing and website information

Complete shownotes

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Serger interview with Pam Mahshie from Babylock

Scissor information

Comlete show notes at

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Interview with Ann St. Clair - slinky fabric

website, what I am sewing and a story

Complete show notes

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Interview with Nancy Nix-Rice


Also, buttonhole information, how-to, placement and measuring

Complete shownotes

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Interview with Sandra Betzina

Complete shownotes

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Holiday Music for your listening pleasure during all your gift sewing time.


All music from the Podsafe Music Network - for links check out the blog

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Episode 17 - Adjustments and Ezines

Shownotes at


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New E-zines

Interview with Shannon Gifford on muslins

Complete shownotes:

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Episode 15 - Machine Shopping

Sewing machine history

What I am sewing

Interview with Sue Hausmann of Husqvarna Viking about shopping for a new machine

Complete show notes at:

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Holiday gift ideas to sew and create.  Interview with Autum of Creative Littley Daisy.  Complete shownotes at

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Sewing for stress reliever

Interview with Pam Erny on interfacing

Complete Show notes at

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Interview with Deborah of Simplicity patterns.


Please visit for complete shownotes


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Episode 11 - Fabric

A bit of fabric history

Final purse sew-along installment

Interview with fabric designer, Anna Maria Horner

Complete shownotes and links:

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Help to plan your next season's wardrobe. 

Interview with Erica of Erica's DIY Style


complete shownotes at:

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I haven't forgotten, just having technical troubles and a busy life trouble.

Short and sweet podcast (2 minutes)

The one link:


Show notes:

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Episode 9 - Pattern Software

Interview with Lisa of Wild Ginger, website inspirations, purse sewalong.


Complete show notes:

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Episode 8 - A Pressing Matter

Bag sewalong, interview about pressing with Ann of Gorgeous Fabric


For complete shownotes visit:


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Episode 7- Material Matters

Interview with Ressy from Fabric and Notions a Yahoo Group

Bag sewalong

Information on fabric types

For complete show notes visit:

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Episode 6 - A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words (Revised)

Revised Episode 6 , I am so sorry for the audio troubles.  I am hoping this is better. 


Shownotes at

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Episode 5 - Dive into swimsuits

All about sewing a swimsuit.

History of the swimsuit, websites and information on finding a swimsuit for your body type.  Music, what I am sewing and an interview with Anne St. Clair on sewing swimsuits.


Complete show notes at:

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Episode 4 - Did you say free?

Presser feet, music and an interview with Stacy, discussing the Burda Style website


Complete show notes at

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Website reviews, what I am working on, my fabric and pattern stash.  An interview with Teri providing ideas and information on organizing your fabric and patterns.

Visit for complete show notes.

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Interview with Anne St. Clair, owner of Needle Nook Fabrics.  The interview is covering knit fabric: types, prewashing, construction tips. 

For complete show notes please visit:

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Fashion sewing podcast with music, website reviews, recent garments and favorite garments.  To see complete show notes visit

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