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Another great podcast hosted by

All about the history of pattern companies, news from web and whta I am sewing.

Complete shownotes at

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Cathing up on what I have been sewing and news from the web.  Catch all links and shownotes at

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A follow-up interview with Sarah Veblen - answerering your fitting questions sent in my email or left on comment section.


also, some sites from the internet.  Check out the blog for complete shownotes

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Please note there is an issue with the recording, "noise" during Sarah's conversation.  I apologize to you for the quality and know I am trying to resolve this issue in the future.


Interview with Sarah Veblen on her new book. The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting. 

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Information about seam finishes, what I am sewing and an interview with Amanda from Amanda's Adventures in Sewing  The interview is all about Amanda's finish techniques.  She makes beautiful garments inside and out.  For complete shownotes go to Episode 74

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An interview with Claire Kennedy all about her custom sewing business, Claire Kennedy Designs


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This podcast is about pressing and irons for your sewing.  What I am sewing and one website.

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Maybe you have been away from garment sewing for awhile and are wanting to return to sewing garments, this episode has some great ideas for you.

sewing information including National Sewing Month, Hot Patterns,'s Fall Trend Report, Singer Sewing Company's 160th anniversary, Ruffle Fabric site, skirt tutorial, purse pattern.

What I am sewing - lots of jackets

Then a great interview from Lynne of Wonderfully Made blog, how she returned to sewing and more



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news on the web, what I am sewing and interview with Jeremy of Hot Patterns. Complete shownotes at


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What is new from the internet

What I am sewing

Interview with Kay Whitt, Serendipity Studio, pattern maker and author

Complete shownotes at

email me at

Thanks for listening and enjoy

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