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Episode 62 - Sewing as a Business

News from the web - tutorials,  fabric information, what I have been sewing and interview with Ann Brodsky, owner of Sew Baby.  For complete shownotes and links please go to

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An interview with Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.  We discussed sewing, alterations and online fabric shopping.  Carolyn gives us tips and hints to help with our online fabric shopping.

Also, what I have been sewing.

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Today we are chatting with Barbara from Sewing on the Edge about The Never Too Many White Shirts Project.

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How to decide what to sew.  Prioritize with 1. Seasons 2. Inspiration 3. Fabric 4. Patterns 5. Needs.  How do you decide/ prioritize? 

Links- pressing videos, notched collar how-to, jacket contest, staying a curve

What I am sewing

Link to the blogpost

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