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Saf-T-Pocket interview, news from the web, what I am sewing

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New items, pattern review, information on bamboo and soy fabrics and interview with Nancy Shriber on Sashiko

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Sewing for others, sewing as a business

Interview with Mimi Goodwin

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Sewing on a budget, making your sewing dollar go a bit farther.  Complete shownotes:

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September is National Sewing Month

Interview with Peggy Sagers

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Interview with Connie Crawford

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All about wedding sewing

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This podcast is all about encouraging younger sewers.


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A recap of my trip to the ASG National Convention

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Discussion on patterns, new patterns for fall, what I am sewing and an interview with Trudy from Hot Patterns.


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Ergonomics in the sewing room

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Episode 29 - Chatting with Marcy Tilton

Interview with Marcy Tilton

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Dress forms, information and history

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Finding time to sew - hints and tips

Two websites to check out and what I am sewing.

No interview this week

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Interview with Cheryl Weiderspahn of


Sewing machine needle information

An anniversary contest - the Sew Forth Now podcast is 1 year old

see blog for complete shownotes:

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Couture history, couture sewing and an interview with Susan Khalje on couture sewing details.


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Bra construction and fitting interview by Ann St. Clair Needle Nook Fabric


Elastic waist tutorial

What I am sewing

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Interview with Mary Ray, contributing editor of Threads magazine.

What I am sewing and website information

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Serger interview with Pam Mahshie from Babylock

Scissor information

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Interview with Ann St. Clair - slinky fabric

website, what I am sewing and a story

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Interview with Nancy Nix-Rice


Also, buttonhole information, how-to, placement and measuring

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