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Interview with Sandra Betzina

Complete shownotes

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Holiday Music for your listening pleasure during all your gift sewing time.


All music from the Podsafe Music Network - for links check out the blog

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Episode 17 - Adjustments and Ezines

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New E-zines

Interview with Shannon Gifford on muslins

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Episode 15 - Machine Shopping

Sewing machine history

What I am sewing

Interview with Sue Hausmann of Husqvarna Viking about shopping for a new machine

Complete show notes at:

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Holiday gift ideas to sew and create.  Interview with Autum of Creative Littley Daisy.  Complete shownotes at

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Sewing for stress reliever

Interview with Pam Erny on interfacing

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Interview with Deborah of Simplicity patterns.


Please visit for complete shownotes


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Episode 11 - Fabric

A bit of fabric history

Final purse sew-along installment

Interview with fabric designer, Anna Maria Horner

Complete shownotes and links:

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Help to plan your next season's wardrobe. 

Interview with Erica of Erica's DIY Style


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I haven't forgotten, just having technical troubles and a busy life trouble.

Short and sweet podcast (2 minutes)

The one link:


Show notes:

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Episode 9 - Pattern Software

Interview with Lisa of Wild Ginger, website inspirations, purse sewalong.


Complete show notes:

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Episode 8 - A Pressing Matter

Bag sewalong, interview about pressing with Ann of Gorgeous Fabric


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Episode 7- Material Matters

Interview with Ressy from Fabric and Notions a Yahoo Group

Bag sewalong

Information on fabric types

For complete show notes visit:

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Episode 6 - A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words (Revised)

Revised Episode 6 , I am so sorry for the audio troubles.  I am hoping this is better. 


Shownotes at

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Episode 5 - Dive into swimsuits

All about sewing a swimsuit.

History of the swimsuit, websites and information on finding a swimsuit for your body type.  Music, what I am sewing and an interview with Anne St. Clair on sewing swimsuits.


Complete show notes at:

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Episode 4 - Did you say free?

Presser feet, music and an interview with Stacy, discussing the Burda Style website


Complete show notes at

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Website reviews, what I am working on, my fabric and pattern stash.  An interview with Teri providing ideas and information on organizing your fabric and patterns.

Visit for complete show notes.

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Interview with Anne St. Clair, owner of Needle Nook Fabrics.  The interview is covering knit fabric: types, prewashing, construction tips. 

For complete show notes please visit:

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Fashion sewing podcast with music, website reviews, recent garments and favorite garments.  To see complete show notes visit

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